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10 Things That Matter When You Are Learning Content Marketing

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While the whole world is going digital, everything we come across is pretty much content based. Be it news articles, newsletters, blogs, case studies, papers, etc. And though all the interaction of the webpage and the marketing is through their content, a very general question arises.

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a form of propagating and endorsing any product or brand or news in form of attractive composition that can be in any creative form such as that of words, sentences and photographs.

This can be stated as the most elementary outline of this concept. But when it comes to learning, any half-baked knowledge is dangerous specially a diverse and still growing concept of content marketing.

What is the definition of content marketing?

Content marketing can be defined as a marketing strategy focused on creating, publishing and sharing the content which have been specifically designed for a targeted audience. It is always more concentrated on attracting a wider group of audience as well as expanding the business depending on the content and the audience. Content writing is generally considered to be a very prerogative luxury to the likes of start-ups and e-commerce websites. But it is not so.

And the only reason is that though content writing is within everyone’s reach with proper discipline and by understanding the content marketing strategy. While it may seem a big term and sound like rocket science, it is basically the understanding of your audience! From knowing to who your audience is, to understanding their priority online in terms of content and their choice of websites.

What is content marketing strategy?

When the term strategy is mentioned, it is really important to ask and even consider that why content marketing is such a valuable and such sought after measure for any business goals. It can not only be used to increase brand awareness, but also to generate great number of leads. From reaching sales goals to encouraging and recognizing the customer loyalty, it is all just a click and a good content away.

Strategizing is neither a big deal nor does it take some great talent. It just takes a certain amount of dedication, and also a street smart logical ability. Apart from understanding the mindset of audience, you have to understand what you desire out of the content you are marketing. And this knowledge can make you rich without putting that much effort. Can you take a wild guess what content marketing professionals earn approximately?

How much is Content marketing manager salary?

The value of content marketing manager salary is an average of 61,000 USD. And being a content marketing manager requires just basic 3 skills. First being the understanding of the audience needs, second the right channels used and third measuring the results.

And how much is content marketing specialist salary?

Generally, the content marketing specialist salary in an average of 44,000 USD. The roles related to this post is more outbound with the communication skills and creative thinking along with the proficiency in marketing.

And if you are wondering, how it should be done then there are just 10 lessons that you have to remember when you are aiming at an efficient content marketing.

How to do content marketing and remembering the 10-important point.

1. Quantitative goals: You have to be clear and aware of what you want out of your content. Because at the end of the day, content marketing is a valuable and diverse measure to reach out to greater number of audience and business prospects. Setting definite goals for content marketing is advantageous in the long run as you can understand it when and why things go wrong at a particular step, rather than running through the whole process.

2. Knowing the truth of content marketing: The word marketing should not tamper with the essence and the real target that the content marketing aims for. The art of content marketing is basically an inbound strategy that is perceived to attract and draw the audience. It is just the opposite of the outbound strategy that tries to catch the attention of the audience with interrupting marketing tactics like unwanted advertisements.

3. Recognizing your audience: The real essence of the content marketing lies in understanding of the audience. Some key areas should be considered about the buyer persona’s such as,

a. Age, sex and nationality.
b.Education level.
c. Employment experience.
d. Income.
e. Personal life and situation of the nation.
f. Thoughts and emotions.
g. Trending topic on social media.

4. Types of content marketing

There are different types of content marketing through different medias. Some of the basic and popular types of content marketing are,

a. Social media posts.
b. Videos.
c. Images.
d. How-to-guides.
e. Blogs on relevant issues.
f. Infographics.
g. Webinar.
h. Games.

5. The tale of titles

And when it comes to targeting the audience, title is the first thing that any reader will get attracted to. The title should be short, crisp, attractive and deliver the meaning and raise an interest as well.

6. Keywords

Keywords are important from the SEO point of view. Your keywords are relevant for the content as well as shine up in the web search as well. Better and clever the keyword, better the chances of good ranking of your content. Also, it is advised to not to stuff your keywords.

7. Know your words

Content writing is not about fancy or big words. You should always use relevant ad correct words and also know their meaning as well. A wrong word can change the whole meaning altogether.

8. When you ask, always answer

If you happen to ask any questions, make sure the questions are engrossing. When you do so make sure, you don’t leave any open blanks or any question unanswered.

9. Hyperlinking

The content you are adding should be preferably original. If it’s not, you should always backlink the website and highlight it as well. It is a good internet etiquette and makes you stay away from legalities.

10. Promote

After you have build the audience, the main work is of promotion. How you keep your present audience glued and how you get and attract more audience.

All in all, just analyse your efforts and market like a pro!


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