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Email Marketing – What you need to know about it in 2018.

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“Don’t be afraid to get creative and experiment with your marketing.” – Mike Volpe.          

Marketing has now become a soul of a business or an economical venture of any kind. Gone are they days when your skills, products or word of mouth was a source to market you and your product. Marketing tactics have taken a leap from one planet to another. And as we are slowly going completely digital, the marketing campaigns have revamped themselves altogether. Now all that counts and says for your product is the marketing approach you adapt.

What started of in form of print media, photographs and later advertisement has now creeped over to all sorts of communication that is possible. Be it virtual or cyber advertisement, the marketing is not complete till all types of print or digital media is covered. If there is a flip book for how marketing has evolved, it will start from print media to wall painting. Then came hoardings and tv ads. And as we settled in the lap of second decade of the 21st century, we came upon the social media channel, which then became the turning point for the new age marketing. And since then the digital marketing has come in form of SMS, MMS, content, video, email, etc.

The baby steps that we took in the digital and cyber world was through emails. E-mails or electronic mail. Devised to send letters or messages at an instant pace to someone who had an email-id as well, this media then became a pool to forward pictures, jokes, myths and rumours. And soon, after a new toy social media came in the digital family, this old doll was forgotten. Whilst we were enjoying pokes and likes, there was something that was filling up our mailbox which we thrashed occasionally. Marketing emails! Ring a bell?



E-mail marketing is yet another form of marketing on a digital platform where emails are used to communicate with potential or present customers. Email marketing has become a very powerful tool to reach out to masses for business that have small budgets, as email marketing is very affordable and cost-effective. It gives the seller a wide and free platform to advertise and inform people about the product through content, videos, picture and other graphics. In short, to grab the customer’s attention without putting money to print ads.

Email marketing mails may include advertisements, business requests, seek sales or donations, promotional offers, etc. Moreover, the purpose of sending marketing emails can be various such as, appreciating the customer’s relationship with your business, attracting more customers, new commercial tie-ups, encouraging customer’s loyalty and presenting third party ads.

Email marketing is a very practical and easy way to market in the cut throat competition of business world. Because you have attention of your customers when they are seriously checking their emails to find an important message. The emails sent can be personalized or send to a wide range of users.



1. Newsletter Email

Newsletter emails can contain promotions, sales, news offering or company progress. Newsletters can vary periodically. Mostly, the newsletter is to inform the customers about latest on goings and in some cases to entertain.

2. Catalogue and Video Email

Catalogue are more or less a type of newsletter. The difference between the two being that the former contains images, short descriptions, prices and maybe other graphics. On the other hand, videos are culmination of newsletters and catalogues.

3. Press Release Email

Press release emails are the most underrated and under used kind of emails. They are basically the unprinted ads that informs customers of latest offering and new products or services.

4. Invitation and Survey Email

Invitation emails are to invite customers for any sale or offering that they can avail in the store. Whereas a survey email is a little questionnaire for the customers to know their viewpoints or ratings on your business.

5. Thank-You Email

Just like etiquettes in real life, you need to have cyber and digital manners as well. Thank-you emails are one very important emails in this genre of marketing. Unlike all the other emails, here you are actually acknowledging the customer for trusting you and your service.



While many a times, spams can get confused for email marketing messages, there is a huge difference between the two. Unlike spams, email marketing are direct messages specified for a certain group of audience.

Spams are unsolicited emails that are send to thousands of people as a marketing gimmick just like what happens in email marketing but the difference is spam is without the receiver’s permission and also interest.



1. Cost efficient

In comparison to all the type of marketing, email marketing is undoubtedly the most cost-efficient one. The small business owner can handle this themselves and need no extra resource to handle this department.

2. Guaranteed returns

Every activity in a business requires some investment. And while there is not much money to invest in email marketing, the rate of return is very high. Because you are easily garnering the attention of the customers.

3. Greater Impact on audience

These days generally, people check their emails to check bank statements or for any official purpose. At that moment, the customers are there to sort out serious matters and, in that scenario, it is very easy to grab attention with great offers.

4. Easy sharing

It is very easy to share. Once the users receive email from the company, they can easily forward or share it with their friends, colleagues or family.

5. Targeted audience

Email marketing is about reaching a targeted audience. By knowing the customer’s exact interest, you can invest your money in them and garner larger profit.

6. Measurable

Email marketing is instantly measurable. From the audience’s response to your emails, you can instantly measure where you are going wrong.

7. Brand awareness

An interesting email, a great offer and an intelligent promotion can make your brand name a hit amongst users and their acquaintances.

8. Reduced time and effort

One thing that is undeniably true is the reduced time and effort that is involved in email marketing. A marketing email can be drafted in less than an hour and you can start sending out emails as soon as it is completed.

9. Real time messages

For real time marketing you need to have a backup and a history of events or throwbacks. But what can be attributed as the greatest advantages of email marketing is that you can send and publish an email as soon some new trend comes over.

10. Frequent communication

The channel once created is a platform for communication with the present or potential customers. The message or information you want to convey to your clients is just a click away. And you can schedule the emails weekly or monthly or even daily.



1. Avoid Spam folder

It is always advised to get the receiver’s permission in either terms or conditions or during subscriptions to send them an email. More than that, devise content that is permissible to go in a customer’s inbox and grab their attention.

2. Enlist right subscribers

Keeping a large audience in mind is fine. But then strategize the audience and arrange them in groups. Target the audience to which what kind of emails can be sent or should be sent as per their interest or your profit.

3. Analyse the marketing data

More than the statistics and the recent trends, understand the customers behaviour. Grab the fact how customers react to your offers or promotions. This will enable you not only to work on better marketing tactics but also your products or services.

4. Understand personalization

Once you avoid spam folder and reach a user’s inbox, there’s still a very big duty to be done. And that is, not to reach the trash of someone’s email account. Since you have been granted the access to personalization, use it wisely not only to grab the customer’s attention but also to get them to grab the offer that you have.

5. Customers always first

In a business, customer is always first. No matter what part of business you are indulged in, a customer always comes first. Your emails should not be just a gimmick to advertise yourself but also to acknowledge, thank and value the customers who have put trust in you.


Email marketing may sound like a big thing to do. But actually, it is not. And if you suddenly start feeling that it is a child’s play, then it is not! Email marketing is not just a digital promotion but a responsibility altogether of promoting and taking your brand forward with the customer. It is a form of communication that is meant to look like one to one or company to all. It is about a customer-company relationship.

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